Tarot Readings

What is a tarot readings, energy readings, ferntree gullyTarot Reading?

A Tarot Reading is another form of divination wherein Tarot Cards are used by the Reader to gain information about the clients past, present and future life path. The information that is gained can be helpful to the client as it can sometimes contain information on current situations and possible solutions to problems. Some clients find they can obtain more clarity and are able to move forward in a more positive and constructive way in their lives.

What Will Happen and How Long Does A Tarot Reading Take ?

When you book your appointment you can choose from a 15 minute Tarot Reading or a 30 minute Tarot Reading. You are encouraged to bring your mobile phone to record the reading for later reference. You are also encouraged to ask questions throughout the reading. The Tarot Reading takes place in a comfortable and private space so that you will feel more relaxed and ready to experience your reading. To book an appointment, phone 9752 3475 during business hours or click here to send an email.